The Professionals’ which was established in 2008 is an organization which provides knowledge, information, products, services, consultancy and trainings in almost all walks of educational, corporate sector and industrial sector organization beyond the e-commerce boarders. We claim to bring positive productivity in terms of meeting the current world challenges. Our services, products and trainings help both the employees, employers, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. We always try to enhance our hey key internals & external operations to ensure a consistent and positive experience for our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Our professional experts extent their services and materials globally across our customers.


Our mission is to provide solutions, generate innovative ideas of business, empowering the marginalized community by providing them skills educations so that we may contribute in building or entrepreneur nation.


‘The Professionals offers trainings’ IT services, E-Commerce platforms, and consultancies for higher education (national + international) man power for industries, institutions, companies and agricultural farms etc. We also provide (skilled labour) solutions (power, energy and automation). We offer in house and campus based trainings.

what partners are saying

I have worked with new The Professionals for many years, they are excellent and very committed. Highly recommended

Jahanzaib Khan Niazi, Taleemi Baithak

The Professionals consistently deliver a great service-comprehensive, well organized and always within timeframes.

Dr. Sultan Mahmood, Ecocare Consultancy Services

Highly recommended We loved working with The Professionals, Very professional. Quick to attend to queries and concerns. 

M. Zulqarnain Mughal, Acme Group